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Codoid We provide strong focus on solutions and services for all types of software automation testing activities.

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Industry: Information Technology and Services
Founded: 2012
Phone: 691 371 5982


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2 month ago
Hello guys,

I kick started my career in codoid as a fresher. It is a very good firm if you are focussed on learning. I learnt selenium and cucumber framework well.My coding skill improved a lot. I started as a novice and now kinda became an techie.. When I say so much about learning they provide a friendly environment too. About the dress code, You can go to the office in casuals, that are not too funky. Your work and skill will be rated well and provides career growth. Good company overall. Regular team outings will be conducted.

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4 month ago
I have 7 yrs of experience in IT industry. I have been working for different leading IT companies including Codiod. Codiod was one of the greatest Companies to work.
I was given more opportunities to grow in my career. Growth oriented company, good place to learn more new technologies like selenium automation etc. They have there own selenium tool.
Employee oriented company. They always have respect towards their employees. Very good company.
People who are willing to work on automation then Codiod is the best company.
Who are all looking for growth in their career green Codiod is the one of the greatest companies.

United States
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2 year ago
Good place for freshers, I liked the three months training program, unique automation approach & process.

But my suggestion to management is reduce the three months training to 2 months. I felt two months was sufficient.

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2 year ago
Employees are not paid for their work. They get paid very less. No freedom to question them and the want us to say "Yes" for all their conditions. They under estimate their employees by imagination. Completely cheating!

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