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Stonerose Restaurant

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Google Map of 822 Fayette St,, Newport News, 19428, United States
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Stonerose Restaurant

Industry: Restaurants
Phone: 591 586 5285

822 Fayette St,
Newport News, Virginia 19428

United States

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Stonerose Restaurant Reviews

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Cindy W.
United States
IP: **.**.***.31

5 year ago
Stone Rose is a wonderful little restaurant in Conshohocken! An added perk is that they accept reservations on OpenTable!

I loved coming here for lunch on special occasions when I worked in the Spring Mill Corporate Complex nearby. As a tip, try the Chef's Daily Flatbread. Every time I went, I could never resist it. They've always been creative, super delicious, and certainly large enough that leftovers can make lunch the next day.

On one particularly special occasion I also had their cheesecake as a dessert. The berry reduction on top was fresh and flavorful and the cheesecake itself was delightful rich and creamy!

Service is attentive, friendly, courteous, and helpful!

Definitely recommend!

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