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Google Map of 130 Arrowhead Court, Tamassee, 29605, United States
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Founded: 2009
Phone: 708 415 7078

130 Arrowhead Court
Tamassee, South Carolina 29605

United States

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Gina Marten
United States
IP: ***.***.***.90

5 year ago
Please be very wary of this companies promises towards sponsorship of youth sports teams. We were promised both monetary and merchandise from this company if certain guidelines were followed by our 10 and 11 year old girls softball team. We fulfilled our end of the agreement but yet gimmedat did fulfill there obligation. We contact the company president numerous times with the promise of full payment, but as todays date 2/27/16 we have yet to see any results. All we are asking is to please fulfill your agreement with us. What kind of example does this show to our young people? Do the right thing and follow through on your agreement!

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