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Amor Y Tacos

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Google Map of 13333 South St,, Bakersfield, 90703, United States
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Amor Y Tacos

Industry: Restaurants
Phone: 501 527 5034

13333 South St,
Bakersfield, California 90703

United States

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Amor Y Tacos Reviews

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Ryan R.
United States
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4 year ago
Gimmicky and playful with not so much attention to detail that derails what could be potentially nostalgic and profound. Or simply put, their food can have the power to bring back the memories of some folks' childhood through food if they just made sure the basics are covered.

The Scene: So this place, to me at least, is in such an unassuming boring part of town that you actually need an excuse to come here. I thought this restaurant would be that excuse, but I'm still not sure yet. It doesn't look like much from the outside, just another occupied suite in the ubiquitous strip mall. Once you enter it seems like a different world. It's a little dark for a restaurant but not dark enough to hide the almost obnoxiously huge portrait of Cantinflas which I had the pleasure to sit next to. Immediate eye candy. . .the griddle front row center of the restaurant just as you walk in where they make fresh tortillas. The bar looks nice and the furniture is a good fit, it's not a huge place but it is dimly lit, charming and cozy.

The Service: Confusing to say the least. Nobody introduced themselves by name and almost every one was running around like a chicken with their head cut off. One server who was not even waiting on us wound up picking up the slack and bringing out our food. My table saw perhaps 3 maybe 4 people checking up/ bringing various thing to my table. Disorganized to say the least, but I'll give 'em the benefit of a doubt that perhaps they're new and it's their first job ever because that's what their experience reflected. They were however courteous and fairly knowledgeable about the menu and cocktails which gains them a little credit.

The Food: I wanted it to be better and I was a little disappointed. I don't think everyone will feel the same way about the food and I genuinely like the direction of the menu; I think it's playful and inventive but some things just don't work out. Let me start with the cocktail: It was a Margarita made with Mescal and Chamoy. While, I don't particularly care for chamoy, I know some folks love it and decided to give this drink a try. It would've been wonderful had it not been for the over abundance of salt. It wasn't undrinkable, but I'd think of rimming the glass with something other than salt if the chamoy already contains salt. It's a wonderful, playful idea, just not the best execution. Next were the King Dragon Tacos, which I took a picture of. On paper, doesn't sound bad: Hoisin Caramelized duck with kimchi and sesame seeds. In reality: probably the worst taco I've ever had. The duck could've been any meat and I wouldn't have known the difference. It didn't taste very "ducky" and the kimchi was pretty bland. I was not a fan of the pickles adorning the tacos and I'm not sure what kind of tortillas were on those guys but they were unpleasantly chewy. Another item I ordered was the mole tots. Who doesn't love tater tots? Well apparently I don't - -when they're cold. This dish had a great flavor but it came out cold (ironically after the server telling me the dish was hot - -it wasn't). It's basic restaurant 101 to serve hot food HOT and cold food COLD. Temperature can be an instrumental part in food quality especially with items such as a tater tot. I tried the carne asada tacos which were great! No call outs on that one, the freshly made tortillas are awesome and the carne asada was tender and delicious. I also had the chicken taquitos which were ok, nothing to write home about. Their rice and beans were good, especially their beans - -they were on point.

Bottom Line: I want to like this place more. It's cool, but I want it to be better. I want the salsa to have more fire, I want the food to stay playful and creative and come to my table hot. I want a little more flavor in something I'm paying $14 for. I will probably be back again, the allure of their menu has me spellbound but I don't want to be served another plate of disappointment.

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