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Steven A Crifase Limited

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Google Map of 8 S Michigan Ave Ste 2000,, Watseka, 60603, United States
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Steven A Crifase Limited

Industry: Law Practice
Phone: 356 267 1128

8 S Michigan Ave Ste 2000,
Watseka, Illinois 60603

United States

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Steven A Crifase Limited Reviews

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United States
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3 year ago
This attorney is a piece of work. Completely unprofessional and has a problem returning phone calls promptly. Left several messages on his voicemail and with his so called secretary. Didn't get back to me until he received a letter from my new attorney that he was replaced. Even the busiest of attorney's will respond with a phone call or have someone call back especially when you tell them it's urgent. I've never written a review on any website but I felt people need to know that if you're looking for a reliable attorney make sure you don't use this one. Almost cost me dearly.

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