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Boroughs Pizza

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Google Map of 1543 N Sedgwick St,, Glencoe, 60610, United States
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 Boroughs Pizza

Industry: Food and Beverages
Phone: 755 574 9874

1543 N Sedgwick St,
Glencoe, Illinois 60610

United States

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Boroughs Pizza Reviews

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Richard P.
United States
IP: ***.***.***.238

4 year ago
Stopped here when I was hungry and walking around town after a night with friends. The guy at the counter was lazy, did not seem to care about his job, and was arguably high at the time. I got the last two slices available - when a couple of other customers came in after me he and the cook did not seem eager to make more anytime soon.

The place was pretty sketchy, some ratty gangsta-type guy who had wandered in and was chatting with the guy at the counter ended up coming up to me and asking if he could bum a cigarette off me on the way out. I don't smoke, so I said I had none and he was on his way, but what kind of a place has people just wandering up to you and asking for a cigarette while you're eating?

The pizza was also overly greasy and not all that satisfying. For the price there are far better places to get food at night around the area.

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