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Industry: Information Technology and Services
Phone: 321 882 3142

Scotts Valley,

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Victor Kumar
United States
IP: **.**.***.50

4 month ago

This product was purchased for IT project management and service ticketing. This application is totally inadequate for the functions the product was purchased for. For example, I was updating the manually entered project plan, by using a Microsoft Project template. I accidentally selected the option to delete the tasks and replace the ones with new tasks. after selecting that delete task icon / menu item saw all the tasks and previous milestones completely disappeared from the screen. Having realized that I had accidentally deleted the tasks , I did not save the project , just closed and existed the project. Thinking that since I did not do a save, the undeleted project tasks will re-appear. I logged back into UgovernIT- - found my project details were deleted.

1. There is no feature on this product to undo, / undelete
2. The product does not perform as expected
3. This so called project / program management and IT ticketing tool does not take in to consideration accidental deletion can occurs (i.e if you do not save changes, you should be able to revert back, this system does not)

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. Invest in a better tool.

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