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Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc.

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Google Map of 850 Haverford Road
 Suite 200, Crescent Twp, 19010, United States
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Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc.

Industry: Staffing and Recruiting
Founded: 2006
Phone: 744 586 7806

850 Haverford Road Suite 200
Crescent Twp, Pennsylvania 19010

United States

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Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc. Reviews

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United States
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12 month ago
This company is fraud and I worked for the company for a couple of days and quit because something was not right with the set-up. As of today, I still have not gotten paid for my hours I worked. I am contacting the Labor Board. It has been over three (3) months and to no avail have they paid me yet!!! I USE MY GAS AND MY TIME WITH THE CLIENT AND PAID FOR EVERYTHING!! They wanted me to add additional information onto the paperwork that I turned in that was not true about my client, so they can get paid but because I didn’t go along with them as of today 12/2/2017 I still have not gotten paid for a job that I have done in Oct 2017. I have faxed, mailed, phone them and even went to the office BUT still have not gotten paid. They are not interested in their contactor's nor employees!!! The both line is one thing only them getting their money from the state for the Autism client /ID clients. They are always hiring because people leave. Run as fast as you can from this company don’t walk because this is not an ethical business and nor or they interested in their client/s!!!! It is only about their pockets being full and they can care less about you. Remember RUN DON’T WALK!!!

United States
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4 year ago
Hated working for this company. People in the main office are so knit picky. And it's like if you tell them no about picking up another client they are out to get you. Some of the supervisors are rude and cold hearted it's almost like they don't know what it's like working in the field or how attached you get to these kids/young adults.

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