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Google Map of San Rafael de Santa Cruz
 , Paseo Colón, 90-7150, Costa Rica
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Serendipity Adventures

Founded: 1991
Phone: 812 381 8703

San Rafael de Santa Cruz
Paseo Colón, 90-7150

Costa Rica

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Edward Hochman
United States
IP: ***.***.***.63

6 year ago
A number of years ago, three friends and I went on a Serendipity trip to Costa Rica, and it was a nightmare. I am serious: within hours of our arrival, our luggage was stolen – and we suspected that our "guide" had something to do with it, especially when he said that he had been informed that if we wanted to pay some money, we begin our luggage back. Thereafter, after we had bought new clothing, cameras etc., the trip barely was what it was advertised to be. Due to a faulty mountain bike, I broke my collarbone (perhaps I'm being overly picky, but I think that the brakes on mountain bikes should work). Serendipity didn't pay a nickel towards reimbursing us for our stolen luggage, or towards my medical bills. Frankly, I regret not suing this awful company, and if anyone wishes to visit Costa Rica, I STRONGLY would suggest an alternative.

Edward Hochman
New York City

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