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RTC Talent Solutions

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Google Map of 41 Napa Valley, 110 Puttick Road, Sundowner, Strubens Valley
 , Parktown Johannesburg, 2167, South Africa
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RTC Talent Solutions

Industry: Human Resources
Founded: 2012
Phone: 609 649 3402

41 Napa Valley, 110 Puttick Road, Sundowner, Strubens Valley
Parktown Johannesburg, Gauteng 2167

South Africa

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RTC Talent Solutions Reviews

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Romeita -Founder
South Africa
IP: **.***.**.206

4 year ago
RTC Talent Solutions was founded in 2012 and due to a major hacking into my business systems and database, I had to RE-THINK, RE-VISIT, RE-BRAND and RE-REGISTER RTC TALENT which is now called ROTALCO2.Pty Ltd.

To all my Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Skills Pages and all my social media contacts, a big WARNING TO YOU!. Do not engage in discussions with anyone who indicates that they represent RTC TALENT, because its a hoax. I, Romeita Bengtson am the sole owner of the company and there are no associates or partners in this company. I am contactable at [email protected]

Kind regards
Romeita Bengtson

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