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Dallien Realty

Industry: Real Estate
Founded: 2011
Phone: 586 232 9426


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Scott F.

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5 year ago
All too often we manage to take time to complain about someone or a service provided either personally or via various Websites where many readers can be affected before making a decision to use a company or Realtor such as Dallien Realty simply based on possible negative reviews.

After working with Carmen Giordano, our comments are quite the opposite of negative and we are pleased to write regarding the unbelievable positive experiences we had while working with her.

We had answered an ad that Carmen had posted on Craigslist for an apartment located in Forest Hills. She contacted us so quickly after sending our email responding to that classified ad that we were shocked. Unfortunately, the apartment in that ad ended up not as appealing enough for us to see it. Carmen was very easy to talk with, so we had explained a situation with a different Realtor about an apartment we liked but another Realtor made an appointment to meet us and never showed.

Since Carmen was so kind, we had asked her to find out if this apartment was a multiple listing that she could get access. To our surprise, she already knew everything about this apartment because she had recently rented it. But, she informed us that the recent renters broke their lease and it is available again. The asking rent was an issue for us because of our budget. She made an offer to the landlord but he said no therefore, we also said no and moved on totally disappointed. She then sent a few listings of other available apartments in the area within our price range but none of these appealed to us. We asked Carmen to keep us posted if any other apartments become available as we continued our search with other Realtor's. She said we could call her anytime and if we see something interesting that she is local and can show apartments anytime even if at 10PM in the evening. We thanked her and kept on looking.

A week had passed since our last contact with her and after having plenty of disappointment upon disappointment with other Realtor's we decided to give Carmen a call. It was late on a Sunday afternoon when we called asking her if one of the apartments she had sent in the email was available for us to see because we were in the area looking with other Realtor's at that time. She said yes and met us at the building that had an available apartment shortly after we spoke. We didn't care for the layout of the apartment and were disappointed. However, remembering our conversations about the other apartment, she mentioned that it was still available but the rent hasn't been reduced because she already checked before we met that day. We then decided to go and see the apartment again, this time with Carmen. Giving it more thought, we told her that if the price isn't negotiable that we would accept the asking price. Then before leaving Forest Hills that same Sunday evening, she took the time to show us the local areas and suggested nice places for good food, going way above and beyond her responsibilities.

Carmen was scheduled to leave for vacation the following day but promised that she would continue working for us to get into the apartment. Being true to her word, she was in contact with us daily trying to work with this landlord who was very slow in accepting us as tenants due to other situations he had keeping him preoccupied. Patiently, she called, emailed and text during her entire vacation time. This was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.

After signing the lease, she followed up with us that evening to make sure everything with the apartment was to our satisfaction. We had some issues and explained that it had not been painted as promised, but with her help working with the landlord, the next day it was painted. She offered her assistance moving forward should we need it for any other possible issues or questions we may have with the apartment. It was nice knowing that the Realtor / Customer relationship didn't end with Carmen (or Dallien Realty) once the lease was signed.

After working with so many other Realtor's in Forrest Hills, only to be disappointed by nearly all of them, we were so happy to meet and work with Carmen because she does exactly what she says and consistently followed up during the entire process. Carmen assisted us with finding the perfect rental in Forest Hills and we consider her to be an asset for Dallien Realty. We will highly recommend Carmen to any one of our friends, family or co-workers that needs a trustworthy contact at a successful Realtor.

We feel like we now have a friend in the business and will never hesitate to work with Carmen again in the future.

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