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Buzzit Media

Industry: Internet
Founded: 2006
Phone: 775 364 9695


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Buzzit Media Reviews

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Woodkirk plumbin
United Kingdom
IP: **.***.***.73

2 week ago
This guy is very clever he listens to your problems with your rankings on google then promises to get you to page 1 in an specified time, but does nothing.
In my case it was 3 keywords only for £120.00 per month which would achieve page 1 in 6 to 8 weeks.
I’d call him a loser but in fact I’m the loser for being conned.
Con man promised page 1 and sat back and let me line his pockets.
Pretended he had people working for him, while sat at home infront of the fire.
Jeremy Silverman I hope the tables are turned one day

United Kingdom
IP: **.***.**.3

4 week ago
I have to agree with Ripped Off. My dealings with Jeremy Silverman were very poor. His knowledge of SEO is terrible. He did very little work on my site, and the work he did do broke Google guidelines.

None of my agreed keywords got to page 1, in fact most of my rankings dropped. He refused to honour the work for free guarantee. I was going to sue him in the small claims court but he lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. The London address on his website is false. He's a one man band who claims to run a large company. Avoid Jeremy Silverman, he's a con man.

Ripped off
United Kingdom
IP: **.***.***.31

1 month ago
What an absolute con artist!
5 months @ £120 a month to be told I would have 13 keywords in page 1 , 3 key words have improved but 10 have done absolutely nothing! Called Jeremy to ask for yet another reason as to why my account hadn’t changed, to which he stated that he still had 7 months remaining before he had to do work for for free! He was extremely clever in selling me a service for 6 months, but a worded contract so convoluted and confusing it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on!
£600 down the drain, I cannot urge anyone enough to avoid being ripped off by Jeremy and his false promises! I am so angry that I’ve been ripped off by someone who I thought appeared genuine! Disgusting

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