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 , Frenchs Forest, , Australia
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Industry: Leisure, Travel and Tourism
Phone: 258 979 3774

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Frenchs Forest, New South Wales


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Marian Turner
IP: ***.**.***.181

1 year ago
I purchased a 5 night accommodation package and The Pearle Cable Beach for my husband for Christmas. Deal to be used by end of June 2018
and booked before 30 March 2018.

I contacted The Pearle and made reservations for May and was advised it would be $60/night extra because of season, which I was prepared to accept.

When I started looking for flights I realised there were no direct flights from Canberra where we live. There would be 2 or 3 stopovers involved making the duration about 15 hours.

I contacted The Pearle to cancel our reservations and they advised they had not received any payment from TripADeal.

I contacted TripADeal many times explaining that my husband had recently had triple heart bypass surgery and the trip would be too much for him. I requested that we be able to change our deal to somewhere closer where flights would be of less duration.

I realise that there were terms and conditions but requested the change
because of extenuating circumstances. I would like a reply regarding this matter and could you also advise where my payment of $699 goes.

I have written numerous emails over the last few weeks with no reply..

Marian Turner

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