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Downs Real Estate Reviews

Villa Alvarado Apartments

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Google Map of 1330 Contra Costa Ave, , Downs, CA, United States
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Villa Alvarado Apartments

Industry: Real Estate
Phone: 775 417 9603

1330 Contra Costa Ave,
Downs, Washington CA

United States

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Villa Alvarado Apartments Reviews

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United States
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4 year ago
This place is the worst. It is one step above project living. Do not believe the pictures. The property is in dire need of a paintjob or hose down. The rugs in the hallways are just disgusting and look like they haven't been replaced in decades. When you walk down the hallway you see patchjobs from kitchen sinks that backed up and they had to tear a hole in the wall to repair. They have no working amenities other than the swimming pool which is always filthy and full of kids. Their exercise equipment hasn't been fixed in years. The pool table room is a joke. The outside staircases/hallways leading to the garbage chutes are absolutely fithy with trash and/or ground in dirt and grime and is never hosed down. People's kids leave paper in the doors that are supposed to be secure so they can get in and out; particulary late at night. Kid's throw footballs, ride their bikes and run up and down the inner hallways. Management totally ineffective at addressing it. The kids are in the courtyard, yelling, screaming and playing until 10 or 11:00 at night and you can never have a quiet evening with your sliding door open. The apartments were built in the 1960s so the walls are built so cheaply you can't listen to your T.V. or stereo without disturbing your neighbor or your neighbor disturbing you. Had a mold problem in one of the buildings. Had leaks in my ceiling twice when it rained and maintenance did a terrible patch job. What a joke. Landscaping is horrible; money wasted. Outdoor lighting is never working half the time. Balconies being used as clotheslines and storage areas further giving the appearance of inner city project living at its worst. Management is rude, obnoxious, unprofessional, petty, trifling and full of chicanery. If you are late with rent, rather than folding your notice or putting it in an envelope, they paste it on your door like a portrait for all to see. You can do way better looking elsewhere but if you settle for get what you get....nothing.

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