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Positive Behavior Supports Corp.

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Positive Behavior Supports Corp.

Industry: Mental Health Care
Founded: 2007
Phone: 352 639 7019

Hamilton Township,

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Positive Behavior Supports Corp. Reviews

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Anastasiya Mason
United States
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10 month ago
I am a mother of autistic twins who received ABA therapy in the past. We were planning to move in August to Sarasota, FL and needed a different ABA provider. I contacted Positive Behaviot Supports Corp back in July and was promptly contacted by a regional coordinator Lindsay Andreozzi. She asked a lot of questions regarding my boys and assured me that we will have a therapist coming to our new house after we move. Well, it is now December, but we have never got anyone to work with my sons. I left multiple voicemail messages and emailed several times, but no one bothered responding. We wasted our time with this company who failed to deliver what they promised. Without ABA for several months my boys regressed. I would like to warn other parents searching for ABA therapy provider to look elsewhere. For the sake of your children do not waste time with PBSC like we did.

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