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Google Map of 30 Upper Drumcondra Road
 Drumcondra, Ballsbridge, 9, Ireland
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SilverBack Staffing

Founded: 2012
Phone: 933 899 4825

30 Upper Drumcondra Road Drumcondra
Ballsbridge, 9


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Stephen Gorrell
IP: **.***.***.43

4 year ago
Very poor. Working as an Electrician. As posted above, wages were always an issue. Payments made via "double taxation" element with social stamps paid in ireland. Means that legally you are not employed in Sweden so must leave after 180 days there.
Tax system, payslips etc are impossible to understand and no help or guidance on this. You are unable to claim tax back, working on an A1 also means more fun with welfare.
In general very poor, working conditions are OK but living conditions are terrible, usually it is hot bedding in shared accommodation so you cant leave things in Sweden or it gets damaged or stolen. ;

Colin Mc Nally
IP: **.**.*.12

4 year ago
Terrible company. Worst I've ever seen and I've been around the block a while!
Wage slips didn't add up at all and were in part Swedish to try and confuse everyone.
Money was always wrong and different even though the same hours were being worked. They promised the sun and stars but they WILL screw you. I was told they left lads standing in the airport to get their own way back to Ireland.
I was taking them to labour court over money and they only backed down at the last minute because they knew I was serious and I'd win!

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