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Colombia Trading Agency S.A.S

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Google Map of Cra 68c No. 23-31 Tower 4 Suite 204
 , Bogotá, , Colombia
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Colombia Trading Agency S.A.S

Founded: 2012
Phone: 240 734 4631

Cra 68c No. 23-31 Tower 4 Suite 204


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Miguel Angel Sae
IP: **.**.***.166

5 year ago
A company that behaves very irresponsible. Thje president is Canadian and acts like Colombia is his own country. They cannot deliver and blame everyone for poor work efforts. I will not recommend this company. They price too high, Colombian companies can offer a better service and more qulaity product for less money. They work out of an apartment not office and dont pay employees

Stay away from this organziation, very bad.

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Excelent support and service, the machine design was as we expected.

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