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 , Ashbourne Business Park, , Ireland
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2468 Group

Industry: Facilities Services
Founded: 2003
Phone: 832 124 8179

72 Dunboyne business Park
Ashbourne Business Park, Meath


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Jimmy Ryan
United Kingdom
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10 month ago
This company took over the existing contract from our current vending machine supplier. It was a disaster from day one. They don't answer the phone, they don't get back to you. Very very unprofessional.

They sent us an invoice which we queried as we hadn't had the products listed and they were aggressive and rude. I have cancelled our contract with them and advise you not to use them.

They sent a rep out to meet me who was very nice, but the damage was already done by the staff at head office. They were chasing payment for things they seemed to just make up.

Our new service provider is much better, they seem to know what they are doing.

2468 who do we appreciate ? not your customers.

United Kingdom
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3 year ago
we were using a company who were sold to 2468 Group so this was not a company I was aware of, knew or indeed chose to be my supplier.
I am pleased to say they are reliable, do what they say they will and always deliver on time.
I find them easy to deal with and my local rep is very professional and always proactive in her approach.
we were having issues with our supplier regarding the type of products they had sold us but my rep quickly turned this negative into a positive by allowing us to trial a new machine. this has now been rolled out to all my salons and has been marketed internally as our preferred arrangement.
They were able to take away the daily headache I had when the other company managed us and replace this with happy colleagues.
I would recommend to anyone wanting to deal with a business which does what it says it will do.

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