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Cortel Group The Cortel Group builds modern commercial and residential communities designed to last throughout Ontario.

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Industry: Construction
Phone: 905.695.0800

2800 HWY 7 W.
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 1W8


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Cortel Group Reviews

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3 year ago
Parents bought a place from this builder and these people are horrible to deal with.

This Romina Sara first came to us to help us with our decor selections, and she was clueless on how to help us, didn't really give us opinion and she was rushing us.

They were horrible keeping us updated about delaying our occupancy, but that gave us a TARION Benefit to claim $7500.

Before moving in, we found out Romina messed up and misunderstood us about sun room doors, we didn't even have an option to put it in or not.

Then when it came to claiming $7500 through Tarion, they tricked my parents into negotiating that they had to pay for 2 month of rent.

1. During negotiations, I told them I needed to check paper work before proceeding, I don't know why they had to get my parents to sign it when they clearly new that wasn't the plan. She even was screaming on the phone to me which wasn't pleasant either.
2. Document clearly states rent for no cost.
3. Only stayed there for 1 month but you negotiated with my parents to pay for 2 months of rent.
2. Charged us $2000 per month which is the same price as our current unit but ours is larger, with an extra bedroom and upgrades.

I hope karma justifies this situation and make them pay for what they did to my family. They are such dirty people.

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