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Vacaciones Laguna Suite

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 , Lake Mary, 33131, United States
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Vacaciones Laguna Suite

Founded: 2009
Phone: 111 463 9546

701 Brickell key Bvld
Lake Mary, Florida 33131

United States

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Carlos Q
United States
IP: ***.***.*.5

3 year ago
I will never deal with this company again. They promise you things they later say, there will be an extra fee. Not a good way to do business. Stay away from them.

In September 2016, I purchased a 5 night 4 day vacation package to Cancun. I specifically notified them of my three children and their ages with birthdates. They confirmed the three children. When I called in May 2017 to make my reservations, they stated that one of children were 13 and that I would have an additional fee to pay of $400 plus. I specifically asked them last September if there would be any additional fees for my 13 year child, because I've vacationed to Cancun in the past and am aware of hotels sometimes charging an extra fee for 13 years and above children; they specifically stated there would be no additional fees. They are also trying to charge almost $400 in taxes. This is very poor business tactics. You promise individuals certain things over the phone to pay for package, then whey customers book the trip, you include all these additional fees. This is against the law, and your business can be criminally prosecuted for these business tactics.

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