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Clear Lane Freight Systems, LLC

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Clear Lane Freight Systems, LLC

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Founded: 2011
Phone: (317) 759-8346

6100 N Keystone Avenue
Indianpolis, Indiana 46220

United States

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United States
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2 year ago
They passed my freight to two other freight companies. I had three different Pro #s! One of them thought it went on a train. It was an approximate 5 business day ship. It went from NE to IL and then on train back to CA and then to another shipper! It took 8 business days. Never again for me.

The freight was, in my opinion high. I was forced to reimburse my customer 1/2 of her freight cost. They were campaign signs - those are always time sensitive. This reimbursement took over half our profit.

I don't see how I can make this any longer in length. My complain is cut and dry.

Pissed off
United States
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3 year ago
I can't believe that they actually charge for this service. Quoted a lane for 6 day transit. Picked up on the 6th of NOV. from Vancouver WA going to Maryland. 7 days later and it still hasn't even made it to the transfer in Chicago. Not at all happy with the service. Lady on the phone said "Sorry, I don't know what to tell you, we don't guarantee delivery appointments." Why the hell did they even take the load then? it was very specific it needed to be there on a certain day. It was on the rate con. NEVER USING THEM AGAIN.


1 pissed off broker

Brian McCurdy
United States
IP: **.***.**.30

3 year ago
This was the worst shipping experience I have ever encountered. I ship and receive constantly being a sport vehicle repair shop.The tracking is inaccurate, the delivery dates are inaccurate. to top it off when my part finally arrived they were unable to deliver I had to go to the warehouse and pick it up myself. Then to find the windshield was broken they were sent pictures before shipment and after. The response was they were unable to determine if it was broke prior to pickup. so if you want your shipment damaged and late this is your place. If not stay away from this company.

United States
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3 year ago
Estimated travel times are extremely inaccurate. Shame on them. I shipped once with this carrier and it took over six weeks to arrive at the destination. Every time I called they had a different excuse as to why it had not arrived. Finally they asked me for a description of the freight. Wow these people are supposed to be logistics professionals! Thinking this shipment was an anomaly I decided to give them a second chance. Shame on me. What a mistake. Their estimated transit time for the second shipment was 5-7 days. That was 14 days ago and they still can't give me a firm delivery date. Save yourself the frustration DO NOT USE THIS CARRIER!!!!

United States
IP: **.***.*.60

4 year ago
Crappy service. They say lower prices slightly longer delivery times. What a load of bull. Picked up freight in Seattle on November 23rd. Still not delivered on December 8th. Most LTL carriers deliver the same lane in 3 days. Called to find out why it was delayed they didn't know. Asked when will it be delivered the operator checked and said they don't even no where the freight is. Said girl who locates missing freight is out of office. Asked for her supervisor. She was also out of office. The founders may have been in the freight business for many years but they don't the first thing about customer service or quality logistics. My recommendation is don't use these guys their operation is a joke!

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