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Drill Worx Services Pty Ltd

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Drill Worx Services Pty Ltd Reviews

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4 month ago
One of the worst companies you could possibly work for. under pay their employees,
constantly expect workers to jump through hoops for the owners with no appreciation (financially especially) - you are payed a salary and a very poor one at that (getting payed for 45 hours a week but doing roughly 60) - literally could work in an air conditioned McDonald's and get payed more their for less hours.
The owners are two faced and will say things to your face about people behind their backs and then say another thing about yourself to those people about you.
The owners act as if they are their for you but wouldn't actually consider helping anyone out if it didn't benefit them in any kind.
The owners love to rip off both clients and employees - especially the employees unfortunately.
Don't follow worksafe/fair work procedures at all (turn a blind eye to it deliberately to save money)
I know for a fact that all of the current employees there hate their job and are actively looking elsewhere (with good reasoning)

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

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