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Google Map of 7724 SE Aspen Summit Dr., Suite 300
 , Portland, 97266, United States
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Securus Contact Systems Providing Best in Class Answering Service and Contact Center Solutions!

Industry: Telecommunications
Founded: 2012

7724 SE Aspen Summit Dr., Suite 300
Portland, 97266

United States

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Securus Contact Systems Reviews

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Sam Cee
United States
IP: ***.**.**.109

8 month ago
I am very disappointed with my experience with Securus Contact Systems. I should have checked with the Better Business Bureau prior to doing business with them.

In the last invoice that I had with the company it was clear that I was being charged for 800 calls, telemarketing calls, etc. for up to 4 minutes per call. These are calls that don't result in potential clients / prospects.

To make a long story short, my last bill was extremely excessive (5 times more than my agreed upon monthly plan). Furthermore, in an attempt to resolve the matter, I was told I would still continue to get charged the monthly fee ($199/ month) even if I wasn't routing my calls to their service, until I paid this excessive bill in full. They wouldn't even accept reasonable payment terms.

If I could do it all over again, I would have never done business with this company. You owe it to yourself to check their Better Business Bureau complaints if you're even remotely considering them.

Rick Clemmons
United States
IP: ***.***.***.85

3 year ago
If I could give these people a 0 I would. After big promises about how well they would handle calls, we tried them out on a "cancel anytime" basis. The first two times we transferred phones to them we lost calls and almost lost some very big clients due to their ineptitude in relaying messages. Then when I canceled verbally nothing happened. Now when I see continued charges to my credit card they state that the cancellation must be in writing and give them a 30 day notice. They state that my last billing will be another month and a half from now even though I have not used their service in over two months already. Total scam, I believe all the positive reviews are faked.

United States
IP: **.***.**.67

4 year ago
They called me with an offer to replace our (admittedly horrible) local answering service and *sounded* awesome, promising to set up an account the way we need and for a much more reasonable price.

So I authorized a "set-up fee" provided they could set up the account the way we needed.

Then they called back a day or so later "sorry we can't set up your account the way you need -- we won't charge your credit card.

Then they DID charge the card and then TWO months of service we NEVER received and for over SIX MONTHS I've been trying to get them to issue a refund.

They've finally agreed to issue the refund (check to refund credit card charges...) . I'm gonna hold my breath waiting for $400 of (basically) stolen money to be returned.

I DON'T RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE no matter how great they sound.

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