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Job Ready Veterans Operation: Job Ready Veterans is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing veterans, military spouses and caregivers for successful employment.

Founded: 2013

9130 Otis Ave.
Indianpolis, Indiana 46216

United States

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United States
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4 year ago
I attended Operation Job Ready Veteran's week long series of classes in 2014, after which I graduated. Attending the course is a good way to brush up on the steps necessary to apply for and obtain work. However, I am sorry to say that in my case (I am an honorably discharged veteran of the regular army), it was not a positive experience because one member of the OJRV staff treated me like a fool, while another staff member lectured me and patronized me. The OJRV who treated me like a fool said he would do something for me and did not follow through. In fact, this individual did not even have the common courtesy to give me an answer, either way.. Even if that person could not help me, I would have appreciated receiving an answer, but that was too much trouble apparently, so the entire matter lapsed. I sent that OJRV staffer written inquiries, but they went unanswered. You can only imagine how I felt. As for the other OJRV staffer who lectured about finding work, this individual meant well, but succeeded in insulting my intelligence, Furthermore in the Fall of 2014, when I attended an event at OJRV, one of the guests was a west point grad whose treatment of me was hardly respectful as he virtually treated me like some plebe back at the academy(I was an NCO) . I was seething so much that I remained silent. I made mention of this to OJRV, but they didn't care. At least that is the impression they gave me. To my fellow vets who are thinking about enrolling in the week long course at OJRV, just be advised not to get your hopes up. I had high expectations, but my exposure to OJRV definitely fell below my expectations, and the so called employment opportunities eluded me. I finally severed my ties with that organization, but I am grateful to one OJRV staffer who did try to help me. Unfortunately the entire experience was mostly negative and a lesson in futility.

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