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 , Birmingham, 35244, United States
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IRA Innovations IRA Innovations is a trusted administrator of Self-Directed IRA services for real estate, gold, LLCs, checkbook IRA, and alternative investments in a Roth or Traditional retirement account.

Industry: Financial Services

100 Concourse Parkway Suite 275
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

United States

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IRA Innovations Reviews

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Tom & Ruth N
United States
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2 year ago
All we can say is "RUN FOREST, RUN"!!! We have had numerous difficulties with this company and are glad to be through with them.

It is very disturbing when they can't even get your address changed without making 12-15 calls and to no avail!
Also, we "cut the cord" with them in January of 2016 and received an e-mail on April 11, 2017 asking of we were expecting a dividend check via ACH from our investor.

So, needless to say we would not recommend IRA Innovations to anyone with a clear conscience!

They are incompetent in "our" opinion!

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