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Promotional Manufacturing Group of America - PMGOA

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Promotional Manufacturing Group of America - PMGOA

Industry: Marketing and Advertising
Founded: 2005

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United States
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3 month ago
I would not recommend PMGOA to anyone! I am a ASI member and and I am a distributor of promotional products 18 years now.
I landed a contract with our city tourism office, I ordered tote bags from PMGOA, and the product was a different dimension then what was stated on their site, it came in late.
My client after seeing the bag said “hey this isn’t the size that we ordered “ and did not want to pay for the bags all 1,000 of them.
When I contacted PMGOA they did nothing about it. I threatened to file a lawsuit and they didn’t care. If you go to ASI website you will see that many other people had bad experiences with PMGOA.
Also - the bags that cane in had 4imprint logo!
After doing some investigating The owner of PMGOA is in cahoots with 24wristbands and 4imprint - it’s all owned by the same asshole !

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