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Google Map of PO Box 1467, Windlesham, GU20 6ZD, United Kingdom
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Astage Hill


PO Box 1467
Windlesham, Surrey GU20 6ZD

United Kingdom

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United States
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4 year ago
I wish I had read these reviews before they did work for me.
Jade Biggins was our inventory clerk. She missed lots of things and when we approached Toby Hill (owner) to get things resolved, he was very un-helpful. He hides behind an answerphone when the going gets tough. Also, checked companies house. This company was disolved years ago. Its a scam.....avoid avoid avoid.

Dentons cater
IP: ***.***.***.93

4 year ago
I am a landlord and my estate agent employed this firm, in good faith. They are appalling. The descriptions didn't match the pictures. Eg they discribed the scatter cushions as used. No cushions ever existed in the pics or ever! Also the company was disolved in2012. But they are still trading and asking you to pay in to their bank account. Avoid.

Surrey Tenant
United Kingdom
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5 year ago
Carried out erroneous inventory checkout inspection. Wasn't properly compared with the previous checkout document. Items incorrectly noted as tenant items and despite being duly informed and having evidence provided flat was not noted as being professionally cleaned. I'm afraid to say this constitutes untruths written in a document that is supposed to be impartial.

Didn't bother to check/find all utility meters.

Report received at least two days late (came via estate agents who received before weekend.

I was happy to negotiate with landlord based on their own, far more honest and understanding position. Including this firm in the checkout pipeline was a waste of time and money. Would rather have just given the £150 fee to the landlord.

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