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Panya Pharmed ltd.

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 , Tehran, , Iran
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Panya Pharmed ltd.

Founded: 1992

P.O Box 1463815564 Tehran,Iran
Tehran, Tehran


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3 year ago
I enjoyed the way of training. For me as a medical sales person, the best exprience was the courses that held regulary by Panya pharmed. The atmospher was a little bit competative that made me annoyed. But it is always the same in every Iran pharmaceutical company. I also found good friends there.
If the work palce is also important for you, Panyapharmed is in middle Tehran so you are reachable to lot's offices and hospitals, also many restaurants that you can enjoy your lunch time in.
At last but not the list, you recieve your bounos in one part and before new year which is pretty good.

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6 year ago
I know Panyapharmed for three years. They are a pharmaceutical importer and distributor in Iran. They care for their care for employees and have a good atmosphere in the workplace. I think Panyapharmed imports patented and generics medicine in Iran, so they have lots of europian communication that make it a international company. My friend is working in Panya pharmed and is pleased by her job.

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