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Google Map of 614 6th Street, New Westminster, V3L 3C3, Canada
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Founded: 2013
Phone: 1-855-909-2772

614 6th Street
New Westminster, British Columbia V3L 3C3


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4 year ago
From start to finish my experience with ContactsForLess had nothing but issues. Their customer service system seems disconnected and poorly organized. I was told multiple times that I would be called/email back and never received responses. I had to call the company myself to find out one of the lenses I ordered was actually on a back-order and I would not be receiving it for weeks.
When I finally received my lenses the one set were two different shades, the other set I didn’t even received all the lenses I paid for (I got 6 for one eye and 5 for the other), but both sets caused my eyes to have an allergic reactions.
When I brought all of these complaints up in an email to the customer service I received an email back from the CEO himself that did not contain an apology, offer of a refund or even an offer to correct the situation in any way, instead I was told I must not have had a prescription for the contacts, so this was my fault. He completely ignored their systematic errors, their faults in customer service and the fundamental failing of their business in providing me for the products I paid for. He eventually just ignored my emails entirely.
Normally I am not one to write online reviews, good or bad about anything or anyone, but this was so terribly frustrating that I wanted to save others from the same grief.

Do not trust ContactsForLess.ca

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