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Google Map of 400 East Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, 98660, United States
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Industry: Legal Services

400 East Evergreen Blvd.
Vancouver, Washington 98660

United States

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George Gray
United States
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3 year ago
I needed a POA for my son and I contacted Budget Law to have the forms filled out. I have spoken with an Attorney (supposedly) and I explained to her my situation about my son not able to speak or understand or write his name. She informed me that was not a problem and asked me to pay in advance and she would send me the paper work to fill out. I filled out the paper work and sent back so that they could process my legal forms. They mailed me my POA and instructed me to fill it out and the signatures notorized. Will I can not get them notorized cause my son is incompetent and can not sign. I explained this to Budget law and they said they would send me another POA without the notary page. Florida law states to be notorized. I asked for a refund and they told me I did not follow their instructions and will not give me a refund. I am on low income and taking care of a disabled son and can not afford to spend money like this. Get all the facts before dealing with this company. They are not very good to deal with and just want the money from the low income client.

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