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Dog Haus University

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Dog Haus University Bring your dog to us for daycare, pet sitting, grooming and training. Your dog is our #1 priority. Promote a balanced in play and rest. Call 608-515-8255.

Industry: Retail
Phone: 608-515-8255

825 E. Johnson St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

United States

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Dog Haus University Reviews

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Casey Callen
United States
IP: **.***.**.151

3 year ago
I love my pet and expect that anyone who I pay to care for them would do the same; this was not the case with the owners over at Dog Haus. Nate was rude and condescending when I brought up the fact that my dog had a knick on it's ear. I realize that dogs play, but to have him attack me for pointing it out was the opposite reaction I would expect from a business owner.

1 star for attitude
1 star for caring for animals

maybe think of getting into a different business that doesn't involve people or animals

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