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Carradus Land Survey, PC

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Carradus Land Survey, PC

Industry: Civic and Social Organization

Wheaton, Illinois

United States

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Carradus Land Survey, PC Reviews

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Tony Stratton
United States
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1 year ago
In July 2017 I hired Carradus to perform a detailed survey of my residential property, including elevations and tree locations. They performed the work on time at a hefty fee. However, their resulting work was extremely poor. For example, the actual length of my property is 330 feet. Their final drawing documented it as 185 feet! A 145 foot error! The error was only discovered after a fencing contractor pointed out the mess. I had to re-bid this and one other project as a result of Carradus' shoddy drawings. When I brought this to their attention they updated their drawing, but didn't provide any apology or explanation. I pushed for a reason and was told by Al Carradus "....well, this happens occasionally." My Architect has made a note never to work with this company in the future. I certainly won't.

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