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PalmettoSoft: South Carolina Search Engine Optimization We are a full service search engine optimization company with offices in Charleston and Columbia, in South Carolina. We specialize in serving customers across the Palmetto State with proven SEO techniques, creative web design, effective pay-per-click campaigns, and other services. In addition, we make full use of communication and file-sharing software to serve clients with their SEO, PPC, and SMO needs across the nation.

Founded: 2005
Phone: 888-275-9221

1111 Harborgate Drive, Mt. Pleasant
Greenville, South Carolina 29464

United States

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Kris Lewis
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4 year ago
The PalmettoSoft SEO team is an awesome group of technical experts. Since taking over our SEO campaign, they have successfully turned our website into a modern and comprehensive platform for our customers. Now, the results are simply amazing. Their SEO experts have been extremely helpful in advising (and doing) whatever work needs to be done for the best search engine rankings. Also, and just as important as the aforementioned--they don’t cut corners! We are delighted to have this Charleston SEO company as our online marketing partner.

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