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 , Hayling Island, 83713, United States
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LiveRez The leader in cloud-based vacation rental software for professional vacation rental managers. Designed to save time and money, and increase bookings.

Phone: 452 947 9243

6206 N Discovery Way
Hayling Island, Hampshire 83713

United States

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debbie C.
United States
IP: ***.***.***.72

4 year ago
Liverez uses high pressure salesmen to close, the deals on their services.
In addition to these tactics they are untruthful about their services and what they can provide. They do not take credit cards, they bank draft. So by the time you find out they have misrepresented themselves, you have no recourse to obtain a refund. They do not return emails or calls.
I asked the sales rep if my calendar on VRBO would sync with the one on my newly built webpage and he said it would. It does not!! No sycrination with VRBO.
They promise to get you to Airbnb with improved terms. This also a joke. They represent, that you will have a 60 day cancellation for bookings and are paid early. An exclusive with their company, they said. They said they were the only company to provide early payment with Airbnb because of 60 day cancellations policy.
Also they put you at disadvantage, on Airbnb, as their software links and integrates with Airbnb, such that you cannot post a weekly or monthly discounts or rates. So the only price you can do is daily. All the other listings on Airbnb, have discounts so you are at a disadvantage.
They told me they were going to drop my websight at the end of April, because I was so dissatisfied. The managers do not call back, message after message, left, no response. They did not keep it until the end of the month rather by the 27th it was gone and my traffic to my sight was redirected to a competitor!
After all this my listings on Airbnb were present, as their software had already pushed them through. But I could not at this point edit them.
Airbnb, was helpful. They had to terminate the listings and they I had to manually relist them. When I got done I was able to post discounts for weekly and monthly rates. And by the way, when I asked for a super strick 60 day cancellation policy in a few days I had it. Did not need LiveRez to get it for me. They had told me to obtain this I had to go through them!
Beware this company is unscrupulous.

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