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Thoughtful Gifts and Flowers

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Google Map of 241 Hanlan rd #4, Arva, L4L 3R7, Canada
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Thoughtful Gifts and Flowers

Industry: Retail
Phone: 139 569 1520

241 Hanlan rd #4
Arva, Ontario L4L 3R7


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Thoughtful Gifts and Flowers Reviews

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6 year ago
I was sent flowers for valentines day from Thoughtful Gifts and Flowers. They left the flowers outside in the freezing cold to die. The flowers were delivered sometime between 7:30 and 9:30 in the evening. I called the following day to advise of what had happened and that half of the flowers in the arrangement were dead. I was told that it was Valentines Day, that they called and left a message (which they did and no one was home!!!), I was then rudely told that they have 3000 other customers and that they don't need my business....there are better places to go. UPDATE - after the person that sent the flowers called to complain I was advised that I would receive a new bouquet the following day at 10 am. Guess what? It's been three days....nothing. They couldn't even get their replacement flower delivery right. Unreliable and very unprofessional.

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