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 , Kedoya, 12830, Indonesia
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Industry: Leisure, Travel and Tourism
Founded: 2011
Phone: 194 185 1803

Kedoya, Jakarta 12830


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United States
IP: ***.***.***.116

2 year ago
Avoid Nusatrip at any cost!
We bought a ticket from Maumere to Denpasar and an onward ticket from Denpasar to Jakarta. Nusatrip sent the e-tickets and everything seemed to ok. I have heard that some Indonesian flights sometimes are delayed, so I checked the flight history of our planes. I found out that the departure we have bought did not exist. The first flight from Maumere was more than an hour later than our departure time. I contacted Nusatrip and they had to admit our ticket was wrong. However, they were not going to do anything about it. The later departure meant that we would miss our connecting flight. We asked Nusatrip to change our connecting flight. They said we should pay more than IDR 2,000,000 to change to a later flight. We told them that it was their fault that we could not reach our connecting flight but again we got their 'rubber stamp' "We are sorry for any inconvenience caused" We had to buy new tickets from another company and we lost nearly $500. Avoid this company at any cost, or at least search the internet for reviews of Nusatrip before you buy anything.

IP: **.**.***.119

4 year ago
Think they scammed me by changing the flights before I checked out of the screen to get more money for correcting it

United States
IP: **.***.***.139

4 year ago
You *** hacked into my bank account and stole money. I suggest you get a real job and leave other peoples money alone!!!!

Phil Cohenour
United States
IP: ***.**.**.20

4 year ago
They are the type of company that just want to take your money but when a problem occurs they don't help at all. You can do anything they can do for you without wasting your time with them.

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