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Cardinal Copier Solutions

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Google Map of 3410 Fairfield Court Suite A, Lafayette, 47909, United States
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Cardinal Copier Solutions

Industry: Business Supplies and Equipment
Founded: 2004
Phone: 1-888-449-9419

3410 Fairfield Court Suite A
Lafayette, Louisiana 47909

United States

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Cardinal Copier Solutions Reviews

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Amanda Kenworthy
United States
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3 year ago
Not terribly happy with them. We had a call for a tech to come out and check out some very odd things our copier was doing. We also stated what time we left for lunch. Not only did the tech come while we were at lunch, when one of our employees called us to let us know the tech was there, we stated that we were just down the road and would be there in no more than five minutes. We ended our lunch immediately before even finishing and rushed back to the office only to find out that the tech had left as soon as our employee got off of the phone with us.

Almost immediately we called Cardinal to express our displeasure. We were told not to worry about the invoice due to the circumstances.

Yesterday I received a past due invoice for this little joke of a visit. When I spoke with Cardinal today, I was essentially informed that too bad, so sad. Even though we had been told by an employee of Cardinal that we would not have to pay that invoice. Glad to know how well they stand behind their word on things.

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