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GreenSky Credit

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Google Map of 1797 Northeast Expy NE #100, Sylvester, 30329, United States
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GreenSky Credit

Industry: Financial Services
Phone: 872 567 3952

1797 Northeast Expy NE #100
Sylvester, Georgia 30329

United States

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GreenSky Credit Reviews

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United States
IP: **.**.***.61

1 year ago
The Worst company ever to deal with. Every month I try to sign in to my online account to pay bill, says it's wrong sign in information. When I contact customer service I don't even get a response any more. So I started just mailing payments. Last month I called because I'm staying out of town and didn't have my checkbook or banking info with me and was told the only way to make an online payment is with a checking account. Green sky financial services suck, and the windows i financed through them aren't worth the money either.

United States
IP: **.***.***.159

1 year ago
Probably the most useless finance company I have ever used. The online payment portal never works. Every time I sign in they say I used the wrong password. Than you get locked out of your account and have to call them. They send you a code for a new password but you still need to put your old password first that they just said was wrong so how are you supposed to put a new password. The phone help is horrible. Whoever trained them needs to be fired. Never again will I use greensky. And now you need 500 words to post a review. It justs keeps getting better. What a joke.

J. Milford
United States
IP: ***.***.**.105

2 year ago
Absolutely, positively the worst decision I have ever made was first ,doing business with Home Depot/ Romanoff( I mean Ripoff) Renovations and GreenSky finance and I am almost 60 years old. Ripoff Romanoff remodeled my bathroom, if you call it that, and charged an outrageous 12K, ( That one's on me, I signed up for it, don't mind paying for a GOOD job..... figured Home Depot had a reputation to uphold......, Wow, was I wrong) And basically all they did was add a walk in shower, add a vanity and new tile. First they mounted the new decorative light I had 6 inches to the right of the vanity and mirror, Seriously? Who would notice that? Next, the new shower head leaked around the base when the water was on, The decorative bezel around the on/off handle was loose and had to be glued, since it wasn't obviously to start with.. But enough about them , I could literally go on and on, I had to start a blog and will save that for another session., Believe me I am on a mission, Then GreenSky calls right in the middle of all this, wanting a payment that I sent 3 days earlier, saying I hadn't made a payment? I kindly asked them not to call me, they can text, email anything they want, I don't have time for this insane aggressive primitive collection tactics, ... I proceeded to explain to the nice lady that if I hadn't been paying my bills, I obviously wouldn't have been accepted for this loan! But you know,....... I think I'm gonna have fun with these thugs over the next 7 years, Every time they call, I will proceed to remind them how crooked their company is, and yes I will probably be late, just so I can talk to them. Well if nothing else the new people will get some training on rude customers, huh? I always like to contribute all I can....Thanks (Drop the Mic) Out!

marc clark
United States
IP: ***.***.***.111

3 year ago
Never was told facts by merchant. When I called Green sky to cancel a 7000.00 loan for a 500.00 purchase which I never authorized to begin with, they said it was too late and the merchant had already charged me even though the paperwork from Green Sky says that I had to give the merchant my approval ID number when I got it in the mail. When I tried to pay off the $500 and close the account, Green Sky said that it couldn't be done....Unbelievable and very shady!!!!!

mary roberson
United States
IP: ***.***.**.91

3 year ago
I purchased a furnace and air conditioner through greenskys I now have higher page bills than with my old unit I have tried to contact the contractor who installed and was promised that someone would look into my situation for whatever the problem might be! I also DO NOT like the payment book process I would like a monthly statement like I had at the start. How else can I keep track of how my payments are handled. I AM SO UNHAPPY WITH THIS WHOLE FIX IT OR I WILL GO UP THE LADDER TO SOMEONE WHO CAN!

Ray Gun
United States
IP: ***.**.**.109

4 year ago
They gave money to a contractor 3400 dollars and when they had called the week before and we told them that we did not have any dealings with a co by that name they went ahead and gave them the money after we told them no.

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