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GreenSky Credit

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marc clark
United States
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9 month ago
Never was told facts by merchant. When I called Green sky to cancel a 7000.00 loan for a 500.00 purchase which I never authorized to begin with, they said it was too late and the merchant had already charged me even though the paperwork from Green Sky says that I had to give the merchant my approval ID number when I got it in the mail. When I tried to pay off the $500 and close the account, Green Sky said that it couldn't be done....Unbelievable and very shady!!!!!

mary roberson
United States
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11 month ago
I purchased a furnace and air conditioner through greenskys I now have higher page bills than with my old unit I have tried to contact the contractor who installed and was promised that someone would look into my situation for whatever the problem might be! I also DO NOT like the payment book process I would like a monthly statement like I had at the start. How else can I keep track of how my payments are handled. I AM SO UNHAPPY WITH THIS WHOLE FIX IT OR I WILL GO UP THE LADDER TO SOMEONE WHO CAN!

Ray Gun
United States
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1 year ago
They gave money to a contractor 3400 dollars and when they had called the week before and we told them that we did not have any dealings with a co by that name they went ahead and gave them the money after we told them no.

United States
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2 year ago
Stay away from this company.In Nov. I signed a contract for windows. By the time the windows were put in was in Feb. The window company charge my credit. I then received my first billing statement in March. Still saying I have unti Nov. to pay off the loan. I signed I thought a 12 month payment with no interest, which they are charging me interest. I called Greensky and they said they don't send bills until the first payment. That is why they didn't send me a bill in Jan. I said then I have 8 months to pay it off. They are crooks. I sent a email to the Attorney General in Washington for them to look into this company.

United States
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2 year ago
I cancelled my loan with this company less than 24 hours after I opened it. The following week, I learned that there was a second loan that was "born" from the first. I called again and waited while the representative "investigated" what had happened. She informed me that she, herself, cancelled the account right then and there. I asked for her last name and was told they don't give last names. I asked for an email confirmation of the cancellation and she said they don't do that, either. I finally asked for a confirmation and lo and behold, they don't give those either. After hanging up, I felt uneasy so I called again to verify with another representative that my account was closed, once and for all. The rep I spoke with informed me that a $500.00 had been charged to my account. I am about to contact the Attorney Generals Office to make a complaint against them for deceptive practices. I highly recommend that you avoid this company at all costs.

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