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ISPHuset Ledende leverandør av domener og webhotell. Vi tilbyr servere, serverdrift, e-posttjenester, hosting og andre cloud-tjenester til gode priser.

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Bengt Erik Hanse
United States
IP: ***.***.***.248

4 year ago
TL;DR - Avoid like plague. Details below.

My hosting provider for 14years was bought by isphuset, and I thought nothing of it at the time. Now isphuset has "upgraded" to their own control panel for management of services (they call it WAFF), and I find it painful to use. I have more support tickets the last month, than all 14 years before the upgrade combined. I got no response when I asked for a manual to WAFF.

They took my unlimited email addresses away without notice, now I must pay extra if I want more than 20 emails. Also I can not manage email quota.

Managing subdomains took me minutes in cPanel, but now take days in WAFF. Support staff don't seem to take the problems seriously. This adds to the frustration when my site is offline, and I couldn't fix it in WAFF if my life depended on it.

I only get one user for all MySQL databases. That is a serious security hazard! Also the databases only get to have one character names! This is no joke. I find it hard to manage when the databases are called "a", "b" and "4".

If I use their "one click" (don't be fooled by the name) install for WordPress, I don't get access to the database that the installer creates. It does not list in their modified PHPmyadmin. Support tells me it is so that I don't break it. Support also told me that if I installed it manually to get access to the DB, I'd be held responsible if anything happened to the server.

I have tried getting used to this for a few months now, but I need to cut my losses and move on. My subjective opinion is that ISPhuset is quite unprofessional and rigid. Their idea of quality is in sharp contrast to mine.

If you consider using isphuset. Don't. There are many other professional hosting providers out there. Ask what management system (cPanel, Plesk, waff or whatever) they use before paying, and maybe even try it out first.

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