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Clickstream Consulting Inc Clickstream Consulting Inc is a Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Lenovo Business Partners specializing in Business and Technology Solutions, Project Consulting and PC Software & Hardware Sales

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Industry: Information Technology and Services
Founded: 2004
Phone: 235 181 2558



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Clickstream Consulting Inc Reviews

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United States
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2 year ago
One of the hardest, smartest working consultants around. This is a guy who is not only a the "real" definition of a .NET Full Stack Developer but one of the smartest organizational behaviour analyses around. From Risk and Change Management to hardcore technical work, including programming in newly introduced to previous programming languages and technical specs - Randeep Dosanjh is the name behind the name here. His only draw back and the recruitment and management professionals who have been targeting him and trash talking him. Great references and great work every time but Randeep Dosanjh has had a tough go at it. This is a guy who started a recruitment practice, 8 enterprise sales channels with Fortune500 firms AND cold call his way into The Top companies in the world then got trashed talked, target and not paid a few too many times - without a head hunter. Need I say more? Worked for me and I'd hire him again.

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