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 , Mere Knutsford, CW9 5FP, United Kingdom
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07 Telecoms For all your Business Mobile Phone Needs

Founded: 2012
Phone: 165 686 6887

Northwich Business Centre
Mere Knutsford, Cheshire CW9 5FP

United Kingdom

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07 Telecoms Reviews

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Scammed by O7 te
United Kingdom
IP: **.**.***.51

5 year ago
Avoid this company complete conmen !!!! If you can get hold of them they will just lie on the phone and deliver nothing. Worst telecoms company we've ever come across..... Hopefully they are out of business now, but watch out they don't rise again.

Scam Company Hat
United Kingdom
IP: ***.***.***.76

5 year ago
We bought phones from '07 Telecom' and were scammed from the start! We were sold A main stream network which is totally unsuitable for our business. We were given a cooling off period but everytime we called to complain within the 14 days we were fobbed off with 'oh there are works being carried out in that area' (there were not). The propsal was for 3 phones costing £114 plus VAT PER MTH. We received 3 phones, 5 sim cards and was charged £153 plus VAT PER MTH. We are now locked in to a 2 year contact. We also were told we would be reimbursed thecobtract buy out costs which were £127, this we did not receive either. By the time we can get out of this contract, 07 Telecom will have cost us an additional £1063! As a small business, this is something we cannot afford, this will hit us! Hope you choke on the money you have scammed out of us Mr Ross Groome! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN! I even phoned one say and asked for him and he pretended to be someone called 'Josh'. During the conversation he slipped up and said 'If you call me when you need another phone and say 'Ross, I need another iPhone....', at which point I asked 'I thought you were Josh?', he replied I am.....he is either a lier or a Dissociative identity disorder

Annoyed customer
United Kingdom
IP: ***.***.**.92

5 year ago
Do not go anywhere near this company. They owe us money and have disappeared from their premises leaving the landlord with debt rental. No way of getting in touch with them.

Truth seeker
United Kingdom
IP: **.***.***.230

5 year ago
Very small company with limited network partner services. Very very poor account management ! Feel sorry for whoever does business with 07telecoms. I know someone who worked there and he didn't even get paid when he left . In allot of instances staff are psid cash so Ryan Groome can avoid tax. Shoddy to say the least.

Anna Thomas
United Kingdom
IP: **.***.**.196

5 year ago
We dealt with this company, but although initially very pleasant they have lied to us and misled us. They owe us money and now are rude and dismissive on the phone ... when they actually answer our calls. Disappointing: be very wary if you deal with them.

United Kingdom
IP: **.***.**.23

6 year ago
great company, very helpful and a pleasure to talk to..

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