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Energy Capital Funding Group LLC

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 Suite 179, Murfreeesboro, 43016, United States
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Energy Capital Funding Group LLC Here at ECFG LLC, we can in-house self-fund some small Green energy projects and other real estate projects and for the larger ones of 10m and higher we use over 100 relationships with hedge funds, investment banking firms, pension funds, private investors etc. to secure the funding thru both debt and equity.

Industry: Venture Capital
Founded: 2009
Phone: 845 181 1835

7652 Sawmill Rd Suite 179
Murfreeesboro, 43016

United States

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Energy Capital Funding Group LLC Reviews

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Frank Thomas
United States
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10 month ago
I have had the pleasure to work with Energy Capital Funding Group LLC and Joe McClernan. There are very honest in their assessment of my project and gave some great funding solutions. Some options were definitely interesting.but I kept an open mind and glad I did. I would highly recommend them to represent you in a very challenging arena. We are extremely happy with them and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for capital for their project. As Mr McClernan told me on the first call that some of the funding options were out of the box and yes they were. He definitely has opened our eyes to what is available in this global economic world. All I can say is they are a class act and a great firm to work with.

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