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Advanced Market Systems, LLC.

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Google Map of 13300-56 South Cleveland Ave
 , Lakeland, 33907, United States
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Advanced Market Systems, LLC.

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2002
Phone: 524 387 6019

13300-56 South Cleveland Ave
Lakeland, 33907

United States

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Advanced Market Systems, LLC. Reviews

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Elijah Marks
United States
IP: **.**.***.141

1 year ago
Advanced Market Systems, LLC. sold me a defective software product, that didn't work as expected. I tried without much success to resolve the Broken Software issues, it was their claim that the software was unable to handle my use of it, because I overused it, However they sold it to me as an umlimited product for $97 a month. I tried for 5 months to work out the bugs with them, but they were not able. They blamed the issues on an old "coder", and promised to fix it, but in 5 months I could still not get it to work as expected based on claims from AMS prior to purchasing the buggy software. In all my years in the markets, I have never dealt with someone as clueless and lackadaisical as Advanced Market Systems.

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