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Virtual Trainer Sweden AB

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Google Map of Linjegatan 3B
 , SKÖVDE, 30250, Sweden
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Virtual Trainer Sweden AB

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Founded: 2010
Phone: 287 495 3322

Linjegatan 3B
SKÖVDE, 30250


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stop sending fal
United States
IP: ***.***.**.60

3 year ago
This company or some else is sending emails reporting I purchased this for 150.00 and I can renew it and this is being sent to my email reporting I purchased it through iTunes. Which I did not.

Beware false advertising and someone or indiv;'s are falsifying information!!!

I will be looking into this and going after who did this!!!
STOP doing this
stop lying ]stop being fake
stop or I will go after the parties through law enforcement and the courts
stop now
stop immediately
stop stop

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