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Voith Industrial Services - NAO

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Google Map of 1023 Pineville Rd, , Mc Kenney, 37405, United States
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Voith Industrial Services - NAO

Industry: Automotive
Phone: 181 924 9196

1023 Pineville Rd,
Mc Kenney, 37405

United States

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Voith Industrial Services - NAO Reviews

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United States
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2 year ago
I have worked for Voith for several years and have become entirely unsatisfied with them. Their benefits are quite expensive and are not very good for what you have to pay out of pocket for them. They also do not give their employees at this site raises. I have received less than 30 cents in over ten years and have excellent reviews and many recognitions. They are known at this site to secretly give money to people who threaten to leave or they favor one department and give them raises. Everyone else is told raises are not in the contract. They are also known to hire one person in for an amount and then hire another person in for the same job with no experience and give them more pay.

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