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WAPMED TPA Services Co.

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Google Map of Ahmed Al Jaber Street
 Sharq, Engg.Dept. (EZ/EC), , Kuwait
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WAPMED TPA Services Co.

Founded: 2006
Phone: 988 705 9045

Ahmed Al Jaber Street Sharq
Engg.Dept. (EZ/EC), Al Asimah


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angry family mem
United States
IP: **.***.***.55

6 year ago
My sisters employers switched to WAPMED in late 2013, The coverage is terrible and out of pocket expenses are high. Physical therapy not covered after a joint replacement surgery! Since one MUST do physical therapy after such a surgery to regain full use and full range of motion, she will be paying for that herself. Along with the two thirds of the cost of surgery that wasn't covered.

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