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Simple Admit

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Google Map of 45 Oswego St.
 , Barnegat Light, 13027, United States
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Simple Admit

Industry: Hospital and Health Care
Founded: 2009
Phone: 504 566 4687

45 Oswego St.
Barnegat Light, 13027

United States

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Simple Admit Reviews

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United States
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1 year ago
I logged into the Simple Admit site using a password provided by my doctor. The first screen I encountered required accepting terms and conditions before proceeding. That same screen said Internet Explorer 11 would not work with Simple Admit but older Internet Explorer versions would. No mention about whether or not Edge would work. The page says Chrome and Firefox will work. All of that is one big red flag. Any application that will not work with widely used and CURRENT versions of Internet Explorer and Edge tells me the programmers are not well rounded in widely used browsers.. If they can't write a secure interface to accept my data, then I doubt they can securely protect all of the personal data that is being requested.
Please read the terms and conditions CAREFULLY. They disclaim all responsibility should your personal data be breached. In fact, they even expect the patient to indemnify Simple Admit if Simple Admit gets sued for a data breach.
Until this site demonstrates that it can be trusted with my data, I will continue to provide my data only directly to my doctor's or surgical center's staff.

Lorraine LVN/ pr
United States
IP: **.***.***.155

3 year ago
I have been using Simple Admit for over 3 years and am happy to recommend there company. I am the Nurse who oversees 5 surgery centers that utilize Simple Admit. With the awesome help of Lauren Gieger and Christine Bosco we have now successfully implemented the system. Looking forward to working with them as we go forward!!

They have helped me to customize a patient care questionnaire to suit our clients. The main concern is NOT with the company, but it is with the offices that do not tell thier patients to use the system. It starts with the schedulers and if they communicate effectively the process works!

Thank you SimpleAdmit!

Keep up the good work!

Wesley Bullard
United States
IP: ***.***.**.93

3 year ago
I received an electronic call to go on line through simpleadmit and register for my upcoming procedure at Andrews Institute.
I have tried to get on line with you for a half hour, only to be timed out because your system is not responding.
I have seen job openings, 610,000 raised, etc., etc., but I cannot connect to accomplish my Dr's. request. This needs a simpler point of interest, because this one doesn't work.

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