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Center Lovell Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing Reviews

Quantek Instruments, Inc.

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Google Map of 183 Magill Drive, Center Lovell, 01519, United States
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Quantek Instruments, Inc. Oxygen analyzers & CO2 analyzers for food package testing, processes, and pharmaceutical applications. We ship worldwide, direct from the factory.

Industry: Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing
Founded: 1995
Phone: 630 381 4685

183 Magill Drive
Center Lovell, Massachusetts 01519

United States

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Quantek Instruments, Inc. Reviews

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Mike Kaelin
United States
IP: **.**.**.223

3 year ago
Dishonest company. They owe me almost $40K for consulting work, a year past due. The owner decided to stop development when the product was almost complete, and has ignored.all invoices. It put my consulting company out of business.

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