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SOGESI srl uninominale

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Google Map of Via Villacidro, 1
 , Senna Comasco, 09042, Italy
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SOGESI srl uninominale

Founded: 2007
Phone: 759 252 8323

Via Villacidro, 1
Senna Comasco, 09042


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4 year ago
Accurate and timely services. Excellent partner for logistics and transport. The company is in Italy in Cagliari not in Senna Comasco.
Used for the storage of goods in transit management, for the handling and data entry. All services are provided through outsourcing, while for the logistics and transport will open a store in the spring of 2017.
In the services it provides storekeepers are certified and have shown great dedication and professionalism. All services are visible in www.sogesigroup.it site. They were also carried out internal audit services for the safety of goods with positive results.

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