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Google Map of 2424 Edenborn Avenue #550
 , Huntington Beach, 70001, United States
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PosiGen PosiGen makes solar affordable and accessible through a New Orleans solar lease program paired with energy efficiency measures. The program is also available in Baton Rouge and Metairie.

Industry: Renewables and Environment
Phone: 651 876 9002

2424 Edenborn Avenue #550
Huntington Beach, Louisiana 70001

United States

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James zavodjanci
United States
IP: **.**.***.126

3 year ago
I had posi gen give me an estimate and quote about 8 months ago never heard a word from them but when I signed they were over everyday for paper work to be filled out and any name of people i know that wanted solar.
Well I though they folded up, to find out they called and asked if I was ready I told them I found another company and I'm glad I did I know 2 people I had recommend used them and a terrible job was done. I do not recommend them at all read all reviews and go see there work.

Lawanna M. Dolen
United States
IP: **.***.***.68

3 year ago
Today is April 13th.My system has been broken since March 4th. After all this time and many phone calls and promises no service tech. has shown up. I suggest that you use another more reliable company if you choose to use solar power. I am thoroughly disgusted with PosiGen. Lawanna Montgomery Dolen

Lawanna Dolen
United States
IP: **.***.***.160

3 year ago
My PosiGen system has been broken since Mar 4th and after many phone calls no one has been sent to repair it. Today is April 5th. I'm ready to start calling television stations and the Attorney General's office. It seems after PosiGen gets its tax credits, the customer no longer matters. By the way I live in Thibodaux.

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